Sunday, September 11, 2011

Leah's Answers for 2011

1. What colours do you like?

Reds, aquas, pinks, whites/naturals, blues, rainbows.

2. What colours DON'T you like?
any colours that aren't clean (like khaki and murky yellow), and browns are pretty much yuck.

3. What style of quilt do you like best? (Abstract, arty, traditional, modern etc.)
any - except sunbonnet sue!

4. What techniques and trimmings do you like? Applique, embroidery, yoyos, foundation pieced blocks, rik rak, lace, ribbons, buttons...?
Applique, pieced, FMQ

5. Is there anything you DON'T want on your quilt?
lace, ribbons, buttons.

6. Skill Level
My skill level I would class as intermediate/advanced.

7. Which other EB-ers you've already made a quilt for, or received one from
Made for Cass, Mands, Alyssa, Emma
Received from Car, Ingrid, Helen, Adds

8. Who will doll Quilt be for - child, wall hanging etc
Wall hanging

9. Your Blog address

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