Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Joy's Answers for 2011

1. Like: crisp clean bright happy colours - blues, turquoise, purple or anything with soft grey and white

2. Dislike: murky mustardy or kahki colours

3.Modern, whimsy, traditional with a modern twist

4. Happy with anything

5. No, as long as it's fabric or fabric related I am happy

6. Intermediate
7. Received from AJ, Emma, Helen, Lily, Made for: (Island) Kylie, Natalie, Cass

8. While I'd love to say wall hanging, I'm not allowed to put them up as I don't have a dedicated sewing room :( Maddy has a couple already, and Austy has a couple of teddy quilts too but I steel them occasionally to use as photographic backgrounds/props. Would be happy for another for either child, or something I could place on the coffee table (our lounge will be getting a coffee table soon and is white and neutral tones, or something with a bit of chocolate brown or beige and a bright turquoise or lime would go nicely in the family room.)

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