Tuesday, September 6, 2011

AJ's Answers for 2011

1. What colours do you like? Bright Modern
2. What colours DON'T you like? Fluoro!3. What style of quilt do you like best? (Abstract, arty, traditional, modern etc.) Happy with anything...I like the idea of a 'picture' with traditional blocks included
4. What techniques and trimmings do you like? Applique, embroidery, yoyos, foundation pieced blocks, rik rak, lace, ribbons, buttons...?  Applique5. Is there anything you DON'T want on your quilt? Lace, rikrak
6. Skill Level Intermediate
7. Which other EB-ers you've already made a quilt for, or received one from - Oh hard one...Made for Bec C, Joy, Helen and ?? Received from Kylie, Helen, Car, Ads, Emma, Lily and Ingrid
8. Who will doll Quilt be for - child, wall hanging etc - Wall hanging to go with my other quilts
9. Your Blog address  - http://ajsantics.blogspot.com/

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