Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Charm Square Swap.

Send to each person in the swap 10 x 5 inch squares in their colour choice! Easy and simple... Must be 100% quilters cotton!

Sign up by the 10th of February....send by the 28th...

AJ - Aqua and/or pink (tone-on-tone preferred)
Emma - Brights (tot preferred)
Joy - Primaries (red/blue/yellow one main colour per square)
Helen- Red and/or black (tone-on-tone preferred)
Xena - Wine/plum
Adds - orange and/or spotsgreen
Leah - Reds please and aquas.
Sand - Pinks and/or Cream (tot preferred)
Cylie - Red and/or white
Kylie (island)- Ispy
Milly- rainbow brights- tone on tone
Mands - yellow / orange

1 comment:

The Humming Cat said...

No spots for me, just orange and green please :-)