Thursday, June 5, 2008

Natalie's Answers

1. Favourite colours in life and/or quilting?
Our dining room is quite brown: timber floors, timber slat blinds and our dining setting is a really dark chocolate timber too - so probably a combination of chocolate and pinks would suit both it and my style ;)

2. Kitchen style - modern/vintage/retro/country?
Our kitchen is quite modern with lots of stainless steel appliances, polished wood floors. I do love modern retro inspired prints too.

3. Table size - number of chairs, shape, made of?
Our table is extendable up to 12 seats but usually we have it closed up to fit 8 chairs, the table measures 1.9m x .9m and is rectangular

4. Extra's - do you want/like applique, ribbons, trims etc?
Anything goes with me, I love it all!

Hope that helps!

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