Monday, June 2, 2008

Leah's Answers

1. Favourite colours in life and/or quilting? I like clear colours (not murky country types.) Fave combo - red with pale aqua and white.
2. Kitchen style - modern/vintage/retro/country? beige. late 1980s. Ignore it completely.
3. Table size - number of chairs, shape, made of? we have an 8 seater - 80 inches long, 44 wide, but please don't worry about that - I use smaller runners as well as longer, and they look fine. It's mad eout of stained wood - a bit darker than pine.
4. Extra's - do you want/like applique, ribbons, trims etc? I like applique, but piecing is fine too. I like ricrac, and anything that withstands washing really. I would like my style to be like the Material Obsession stuff.

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