Sunday, June 1, 2008

Helen's Answers for Table Runner Swap.

1. Favourite colours in life and/or quilting?
I do have a weakness for brights. I am liking white fabric at the moment, don't know how practical that is for a table runner and two kids in the house though!

2. Kitchen style - modern/vintage/retro/country?
Hasn't really got a style. At a pinch I'd say modern.

3. Table size - number of chairs, shape, made of?
Rectangle, recycled wood, not dark in colour, not baltic, just a medium brown. 6 chairs. I have a runner on there now that is 35 inches, thats a perfect size.

4. Extra's - do you want/like applique, ribbons, trims etc?
Let the peicing and quilting speak for itself.

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