Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bec's Answers for TABLE RUNNER SWAP

1. Favourite colours in life and/or quilting? My fav colour is green (not army green)
2. Kitchen style - modern/vintage/retro/country? Modernish, very neutral, needs a bit of colour.
3. Table size - number of chairs, shape, made of? Regular 6 seater table (about 1.6m??) that extends to 8
4. Extra's - do you want/like applique, ribbons, trims etc? I am happy with whatever I get.

This is really exciting for me as we just got our new house and will be moving in when we get home at the start of July. It is very neutral colours and I will love whatever I get and it will have pride of place in the Kitchen/Dining as it will be the first new thing we get for the new house.


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