Sunday, June 1, 2008

AJ's Answers

1. Favourite colours in life and/or quilting?
Blues and purple at the moment - but christmas/easter theme ok too
2. Kitchen style - modern/vintage/retro/country?
None - DHA rented so anything goes really - We do have blue curtains at the moment though
3. Table size - number of chairs, shape, made of?
6 seater, wooden, recycled timer, rectangle, - DH has measured and thinks about 30 inches would be the perfect size for a table runner on our table...i think it would be too short 40 inches maybe?? or something there abouts :P
4. Extra's - do you want/like applique, ribbons, trims etc?
I like applique...but not a big fan of the others really...but if it looks good use it!!

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