Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mystery Quilt......Sewing Instructions 4

This is the final set of sewing instructions before laying out the quilt for its big reveal...

Feature Blocks
On the right hand side of 9 feaute blocks sew one hourglass block with the B (lighter) triangle against the feature print.

On the remaining 3 feature blocks sew a flying geese (goose??), again onto the right, with the B (lighter) triangle against the feature print.

Mini Pin-wheel blocks
To each side of the pin-wheel block add a flying geese. This time the flying geese are pointing in towards the pin-wheel.

A Summery of the pieces you have

  • 24 flying geese with wings (sqaures sewn on either end)
  • 8 pin-wheel blocks with flying geese attached to either side
  • 9 feature/hourglass blocks
  • 3 feature/flying geese blocks
  • 3 flying geese - not attached to anything
  • 4 dark squares - not attached to anything
  • 5 border strips of feautre fabric

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