Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mystery Quilt......Sewing Instructions 4

This is the final set of sewing instructions before laying out the quilt for its big reveal...

Feature Blocks
On the right hand side of 9 feaute blocks sew one hourglass block with the B (lighter) triangle against the feature print.

On the remaining 3 feature blocks sew a flying geese (goose??), again onto the right, with the B (lighter) triangle against the feature print.

Mini Pin-wheel blocks
To each side of the pin-wheel block add a flying geese. This time the flying geese are pointing in towards the pin-wheel.

A Summery of the pieces you have

  • 24 flying geese with wings (sqaures sewn on either end)
  • 8 pin-wheel blocks with flying geese attached to either side
  • 9 feature/hourglass blocks
  • 3 feature/flying geese blocks
  • 3 flying geese - not attached to anything
  • 4 dark squares - not attached to anything
  • 5 border strips of feautre fabric

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mystery Quilt......Sewing Instructions 3

I've had some requests to slow down and some requests to get the next step ready....I'm really just doing them when I can fit them in!!!

So for my lovely WA friends here is the next bit....enjoy!

Mini Pin-Wheel Blocks

Take two of the DHF units and join them together with the light traingles at right angles to each other.

Then join two of these units together to make a mini pin-wheel block...not sure if this is the actual name....just what I call them!

This is may favourite block of the whole quilt...They look so cute and really make the my opinion!! You'll end up with 8!

Sew a D square to each end of 24 flying geese.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mystery Quilt......Sewing Instructions 2

CBC Unit (Flying Geese)

Attach a C triangle to one of the short sides of triangle B. Lay Triangle B right side up on the table with the right anlge pointing away form you. Lay C down on top with the right anlge clostest to you. You will be sewing along the bias of triangle C, so becareful not to stretch them.

Press seam towards dark colour.

Attach another C triangle to the other side. Again press seam towards dark colour.

Make 46 CBC (Flying Geese) Units

Links to
Sewing Instructions 1a
Sewing Instructions 1b

Mystery Quilt......Sewing Instructions 1b

Due to my other photos becoming red x's in the cutting post I'm posting these sewing instructions in smaller chunks...hoping to avoid the problem.

EB Unit
Join 18 E and B triangles together, to make a new triangle.Sew each pair exactly the same way ie the same colour on top each time.
Join two EB units together to make 9 hourglass blocks.

Mystery Quilt......Sewing Instructions 1a

These are the first set of instructions for the sewing of the pieces of the mystery quilt....ask any questions in the comments section.

GHF Unit
Sew triangles G and H together. Place the right angles together ontop of each other with H on top. Sew a 1/4 inch seam. Press seam to darker fabric. When opened out H will be on the right. Make 32 GH units.

Join a GH unit to an F triangle. Press seams towards the F triangle. Make 32 GHF units.