Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quilts in Progress

Here is a little preview of the Doll Quilt that i am making. I am still unsure if I will make them smaller or leave them yet as they are quite big and may look a little silly. Actually yes I will make them smaller I think.

Here is another quilt top that I have just finished. It is taken from the "Baby Fats" quilt book and I just used some FQ's that I had in my stash. I still have 3 more to put together. I hope that it doesn't look too scrappy, I had trouble matching up the fabrics, it's not really my strong point.



AJ said...

To be honest BEc...I'd take out the yellow sqaure and replace it with something else...The rest looks lovely!!

Helen said...

Love the pinwheels Bec! I have to agree with AJ, the yellow certainly jumps out, need to be a bit lighter in colour..... the rest of the colours are so soft. Looks cool. :)

Lily said...

Don't rip it!!!!! Bind it in yellow or make a yellow border instead!

I'm doing some pinwheels too :)

Paolo Moschini said...

.. very nice things ..

.. sweet smile from Italy .. I wait u on my blog and site ..