Thursday, August 23, 2007

Joy's Doll Quilt answers

1. What colours do you like? I like most colours but like Helen would rather not have a multicouloured quilt - please stick to 2-3 colours. At the moment I am in love with the children's Michael Miller prints (especially good for a doll quilt!) so having one of those in there as a feature print would be FANTASTIC!!! As the quilt will be for Austy's boy doll and some teddies, boy colours would be good thanks.

2. What colours DON'T you like? No liscensed cartoons and no pinks please.

3. What style of quilt do you like best? (Abstract, arty, traditional, modern etc.) Any

4. What techniques and trimmings do you like? Applique, embroidery, yoyos, foundation pieced blocks, rik rak, lace, ribbons, buttons...? Any except yoyos

5. Is there anything you DON'T want on your quilt? Already covered above

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