Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ingrid's Doll Quilt Swap Answers

1. What colours do you like? Girly girly all the way! Pinks greens yellows, sunshiny or soft
2. What colours DON'T you like? Poo brown, muddy green, dirty orange
3. What style of quilt do you like best? (Abstract, arty, traditional, modern etc.) I have no idea. Surprise me!
4. What techniques and trimmings do you like? Applique, embroidery, yoyos, foundation pieced blocks, rik rak, lace, ribbons, buttons...? These all sound lovely to me, although I am not generally partial to lace.
5. Is there anything you DON'T want on your quilt? Ummmm, I hate licensed stuff but I am pretty sure that most of you don't have a hidden stash of Bratz fabric you will try and use up. Well I hope not anyway.

Happy Quilting!


AJ said...

Nope no Bratz here Ingrid!! I hate them!!

Helen said...

What about Barbie fabric Ingrid?? LOL

The Humming Cat said...

I have a heap of Strawberry Shortcake! And pooh bear!

ingrid said...

I actually do like Strawberry shortcake especially the old 80's prints. Barbie is hohum (although I love barbie in general) and Pooh is shall we say, poo!