Thursday, August 23, 2007

How big is your child's bear/doll?

Obviously I can't ask just the person I am making for as it would give me away, so I thought I'd ask the question generally of everyone. It might help someone else too. Hopefully my swapee will add a comment with her child's bear/doll height ;)

I know you might have a few bears or dolls who will use the quilt, but just pick your child's favourite one to measure up for me.

I want to make a little extra something to go with the quilt, which is why I need the size. A height from head to toe, and a chest measurement would be PERFECT.

Thanks in advance, Joy


Helen said...

Both my girls are asleep clutching their teddies at the moment, I'll answer in the morning! LOL

Kylie said...

Hi Joy,

Amelia has two dolls that are about the same size the biggest of the two is
Height: 32cm
Chest : 23cm
Head : 27.5cm

What a lovely idea - these two dolls are actually naked, poor little mite doesnt have anything to dress them in yet cause this mum has been busy doing other things!

Lily said...

Joy, Romily's bear is around 30cm high and around 20cm chest circ. He has a lovely red duffle coat!

The Humming Cat said...

Cate has a few horses, as a girl does! The smallest pony is a McDonalds saddle club one, we have a herd of these, they are 15cm from snout to tail end. Her fave pony is a saddle club one Helen bought her, he is 30cm snout to tail end, and then The Big One, he may best suit a "blank-let" he is 60cm but you only need cover his body so aprox 35cm long. HTH